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The Nirvana Diet helps you to cultivate awareness and a mind-set that allows you to change your relationship with food and to life. It helps you to find freedom from emotional and physical attachment to excessive consumption of food and ultimately to your attachment to other excess desires that keep you feeling hungry and unsatisfied.


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Real Reason Most Diets Don't Work

Have you noticed that many of your issues with food don't really have much to
do with food at all? With all life's demands, challenges, choices, and frustrations
coming at us seemingly non-stop, it's hard to stay focused and be successful, 
especially with our goals for healthy eating, exercise and self care. It seems like something we should be able to control. Think again. More>> More

Ready to Dump your Diet?

The reason that most diets fail isn't that you aren't strong enough. Or that you aren't disciplined enough. Or that you aren't exercising enough. The reason that most diets fail is that so much of what you eat, when you eat, and how much you eat has a lot to do with what you think. More

Best way to Change

No matter what you are looking to change, taking small steps and thinking in smaller buckets can lead to big success. This notion of change by taking small steps has been studied by Dr. Robert Maurer, and is a philosophy based on a Japanese word, kaizen, which means "change for the better" with incremental improvement over time. More

Transform Stress into Ease

The #1 Secret to taking your life "off autopilot" and breaking the habits you never thought you could break...is to put your mind on a diet. It's true! The best way to do that is to begin meditation practice. I call it the "real happiness workout." More

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August 23, 2011  |  No comment

Have you ever wondered why you were/ are attracted to certain people? Have you ever been caught in the paradox of repeating relationship patterns that do not work? If so you are not alone. Based on what I have studied, I think it is fair to say we make our relationship choices unconsciously. Why would that be so? We are drawn to people who represent a mirror of our childhood wounds, unresolved issues we have with our parents in the hope that we can finally find in this person what it is we never got in childhood. The problem is we do this unconsciously, without being aware this may be going...
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